Urinary tract infection are amongst the commonest bacterial infection-may be next to that of upper respiratory tract. Urinary Tract infection is one of the common and recurrent disease conditions. So it is necessary to cure the disease and prevent from recurrent it.

For the treatment of urinary tract infection homoeopathy is natural system of medicine that utilize minute doses of carefully selected ingredients made from plants, minerals and many other substances to enhance the body’s natural healing process with immune power to destroy the diseases from the body. Homoeopathy is growing in popularity all over the world because its medicine are gentle, non toxic, harmless as compared to the other system of medicine.

Urinary tract infection can be very well treated with homoeopathic remedies without any complications. In homoeopathy numbers of medicines for UTI e.g. Cantharis, Lycopodium, Nitric Acid, Staphisagaria etc.There are different causes for UTI. The selection of medicine is depends on the cause of disease.

Homoeopathy is principle concerned of individualism, so selection of remedy is based on individualization, no specification or groupism, only follow Law of similarity and Law of individualization.

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