Dr. Pinakin Trivedi

Dr. Pinakin Trivedi (MD Hom, Ph.D) is very popular homeopathic practitioner all over the globe. He increases the outreach of homeopathy all over the globe.

He thought and works on – “To be a doctor is to be an intermediary between man and GOD. Dr Pinakin Trivedi is interested in humanity, for the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient.

Dr. P N Trivedi

A Goal of Dr. Pinakin Trivedi is to making cure in the patient.

Dr Pinakin Trivedi dealing with a lot of people with chronic diseases that you really can’t change or improve. He helps patient. He makes a difference in their lives, by paying attention to details, seeing patient after patient and complaint after complaint, and being responsive on the phone also.

Some of the qualities that a good doctor should possess are present in Dr. Pinakin Trivedi. He is attentive (to patient’s needs), analytical (of self), adviser, approachable, assuring, caring, , energetic, enthusiastic, faithful to his or her patients, flexible, gracious, : knowledgeable, good listener, modest, optimistic, reliever (of pain and anxiety), willingness to listen, learn, and experiment.

He is honored to work as a P.G. Guide at Hahnemann college of homoeopathy, London.

On 3rd Sep. 2003, Dr. Pinakin Trivedi was honoured for work at homoeopathic camp organized for the treatment of Chickun Gunya by Directorate of I S M and Homoeopathy,Gov. of Gujarat.

On 4th and 5th Aug. 2007,“Health for all in 21st Century, Medicine for Future” under this title Dr. Pinakin Trivedi awarded for the participation and paper presentation in India International Convention.

Dr Pinakin Trivedi is awarded by Rotary Club Of Mehsana for Appreciation of his Contribution as Ph.D, Homoeopathy in Oncology on date 21st June 2009.

Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi awarded Dr. Pinakin Trivedi for  participated in the “ WORKSHOP FOR INSPECTOR” at New Delhi.

Dr. P N Trivedi